Music without borders. Whether we hear the beauties of Baroque, the different rhythms and melodies of cultures ancient and modern, the pizzazz of Broadway, the thunderous piano or the sublime organ, we are savoring and experiencing times, manners, and places that obliterate the walls of separation. When we hear music, when we make music, we are one. Come to our concerts. Share music with friends. Play piano, play guitar, sing. Celebrate the music in your heart and soul.


Provincetown’s music is a variation on a theme: constant and continually shifting melodies among us. Music’s survival depends on the willingness of people to attend, hear and enjoy it. Music is ephemeral. It is short-lived, transitory. Music is ethereal. It is the weight of air, residing in me...

June 06, 2019


Great Music on Sundays @5 is Provincetown’s longest-running concert series. Since 1999, more than 340 concerts presented by more than 100 performers have provided music for thousands of concertgoers. The concerts are a potpourri of music from across the centuries and around the world.


Contributions are an important part of the success of Great Music on Sundays @5. We appreciate the generosity of our friends to help us continue to produce this unique concert series. Please join our current donors by making a generous contribution. Thank you!