Provincetown’s music is a variation on a theme: constant and continually shifting melodies among us. Music’s survival depends on the willingness of people to attend, hear and enjoy it.

Music is ephemeral. It is short-lived, transitory.

Music is ethereal. It is the weight of air, residing in memory.

Music is evanescent. It fades away, vanishing even as we hear it.

Music is ubiquitous. It is present, everywhere, always.

Its melodies flow through interior structures: the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House, Town Hall, theaters, clubs, museums, and home gatherings. Its rhythms course through the air in outdoor places from beach drumming to the streets with their diverse performers. It is in the sounds of waves, the beating of our hearts,
and the places that our minds and souls go to for sustenance. Music has lived in Provincetown as far back as anyone can hear or remember. Although longevity is certain, its form of manifestation always will remain a delightful mystery yet to be revealed as culture, economics, and other influences shift and re-form the music of our town like the sands and tides all around us.

– John Thomas, Producer, Great Music on Sundays @5